15 May 2009


My "Pomegranate" photo has been selected for a contest at the Color Photo Award group on flickr. It was taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P72 in Nov 2007.

Love it? Vote here: #8 :-)

Contest: FRUITS & BERRIES - VOTE NOW through 17 MAY 2009

7 May 2009

Orangy Sponge Cake - Photo Recipe!

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1 lemon , 1 orange , 3 clementines, 8 eggs, 500gr sugar, 300 gr flour (or you can make half recipe)

The secret for this cake is weighting the eggs = weight of sugar and 1/2 of that weight of flour - you will need a scale for that

8 XL eggs = 500 gr sugar = 250 gr flour (+ 50 gr in case you add some orange juice)

4 XL eggs = 250 gr sugar = 125 gr flour (+25 gr if you add juice)


Pre-heat the oven - 150o/180o C

Wash the lemon, the orange and clementines and zest them. In a large bowl mix the sugar with the zests, 4 eggs, 4 yolks and mix.

Reserve the other 4 egg whites and beat them with a mixer untill they are fluffy. Keep them in the fridge while you mix the eggs+sugar+zest.

When the batter is nice and bubbly, then it's time to add 1 clementine juice (or 2 if they're small). Mix well. Now add the flour and mix.

Time to add the egg whites, gently folding... watch the video

Take 2 baking pans (or just 1 if you make 1/2 recipe), grease them and cover them with baking paper and pour the mix.

Cook each cake for about 25 minutes. You may test it with a toothpick - if the cake is done the toothpick will be nice and clean!

Take the cake out of the heat and turn the baking pan upside down on a "sugar bed" and let the cake cool down. Once it's cooled you may cut it into little squares. Enjoy!

6 May 2009


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